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Welcome to Rare Bear Sports Cards

Rare Bear Vintage Sports Memorabilia is comprised of a team of avid sports enthusiasts and collectors who have indulged their love of this hobby for most of their lives. Through their love of collecting, the idea was hatched to create a business inspired by their shared passion for vintage sports memorabilia including collectible sports trading cards, vintage tickets, pennants, championship rings, and more.

For the best, and most unique in classic sports collectibles, Rare Bear is certain to have that Low-Pop None-Higher item that you’ve always wanted. Be sure to check out our monthly specials and also Baron’s Bargain Basement for so super deals on some amazing sports collectibles.

rare bear vintage sports cards

hank aaron psa 10 low popLOW POP-NONE HIGHER
Pop is an abbreviation for the word ‘population,’ and it refers to the total number of cards that exist in a particular grade for a particular card from a given grading company. See our Low Pop collection.
Rare Bear Vintage Sports CollectiblesBARON’S BARGAIN BASEMENT
Here is where we will feature some fantastic sports memorabilia at unheard of prices. Check back frequently as stock changes. Search for bargains.

Rare Bear Vintage Sports Collectibles

Each month we’ll offer a special deal on one of our vintage cards or memorabilia. Be sure to check back frequently so you don’t miss out! See this month’s offer.

Philadelphia Athletics Pennant Rare Bear Sports memorabilia

We make every effort to keep our new website up to date with our latest treasures, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know.  Contact Rare Bear

rare bear vintage sports cards